Italian Indigenous Varieties: Fumin from the Valle d’Aosta

Valle d'Aosta

This week  I spoke about a grape variety called Fumin. Italy has such an endless number of grape varieties, there is always something new to learn.

Fumin is a variety that comes from the Valle d’Aosta. It can be made into a blend but it is also used to make mono-varietal wines and is used in the Valle d’Aosta Denominazione d’origine controllata (D.O.C.) wine. In a blend it brings both color and acidity. In fact, it is a wine that should age a bit before drinking to mellow out some of its robust and rustic aromas and flavors.

Valle d'Aosta

Every year at Vinitaly, I try to spend time at the Valle d’Aosta booth. I like the wines and the people, straight forward and frank. Some examples of great Fumin are from the top producers in the Valle d’Aosta, including Grosjean, Les Cretes, and Ottin, among others.

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  1. […] This week’s variety hails from the Valle d’Aosta. It’s called Neyret Nero. Many thought it came from France or Switzerland but apparently it is indigenous to this interesting particular region of Italy. I love the wines from the Valle d’Aosta. I’ve never had one that contained Neyret, at least not that I know of.  As a variety, it is usually used in blends and brings color and alcohol to the blend. As I was looking up Neyret, I found this interesting article in Vinous by Ian d’Agata. I have written many posts about Valle d’Aosta. Here are a few of them.  […]

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