Monday musing: Wine Cooperatives


Today’s Monday musing is about the place of cooperatives in the wine space. The photo above is of the growers at La Clavesana a cooperative in Piedmont that makes an amazing Dolcetto. For many years I have pondered cooperatives and their reputation and like many others I have set them in a separate category and I think it is time for them to be put in the same category as others – makers of fine wine. I have tasted great wines from cooperatives. Many of them produce different lines and almost all of them have high quality control by the organizational structure. Also, most members of a cooperative are farmers who take care of their land, its their tradition and their heritage. They also get paid more if the quality of the grapes is higher in many places such as the Douro which I wrote about here.

I also discovered amazing cooperatives in France which I wrote about here. While I am not saying all cooperatives make great wine, I am saying that most do and that they certainly should have a place at the table and at your table. I know they one at mine.


  1. Cooperatives support all their members whether anyone holds 200 acres or 2 acres of vineyards. In this way, they promote sustainability in wine ecosystems.

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