Monday Musings: Home Winemaking


This past weekend I went to buy grapes to do my annual home winemaking project with my family. My son loves it although he doesn’t yet eat grapes, he likes the feel of the grapes and in the past, he has enjoyed the bottling. This year we are making Syrah and Moscato. My 2017 Moscato was my most successful wine of the six years that I have been doing this. I first started in 2006 and 2007. I then took a break and made a 2011 vintage and in the last three years have been more consistent 2017, 2018, and this year,  2019. It is a very humbling experience and an incredibly interesting one. My most confusing moment this time is using my hydrometer. It’s an essential tool which everyone who home brews uses. It’s harder to read than I had thought. YouTube has some great videos but it feels like practice is what makes the difference. Here is one that I find helpful.

I’m excited to another year and more experience. I hope to make some better wine this year but if I don’t, I will definitely learn from my mistakes. I will be writing about the process as we move along.

The Syrah grapes above were much smaller than I thought they would be. I had them crush the grapes for me but I will be pressing my Syrah grapes at home with my press.

I had them crush and press the Moscato for me. I thought their expertise would work better with a more delicate variety. It’s always very interesting to meet other people buying grapes.

I have so many buckets and demijohns and various winemaking equipment. I hope to be able to continue this tradition for many years to come.

My Dad made wine in the basement with his friend when I was young. He always mentions how they did nothing but press the grapes, no added yeast, no sulfites at bottling and how wonderful the wine was. I am going another route but we will see if I end up where he started, or if my son does when he makes wine in the future. Even my Mom is involved, she’s pumping over the vat at her home. Until next week, stay tuned








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