Corsica – Ile de Beauté

The great blogging group #winophiles which focuses on France is doing wines from Corsica this week. I’m impressed they were able to get samples, I’ve had a hard time finding wines of Corsica. They will be having a chat on Twitter using the hashtag #winophiles at 1100am today. I’m going to join in to see the conversation but I missed sending in my title so I’m making my own circle as they say in Blazing Saddles.

Here is a link to the post of the host of this month’s #Winophiles, Payal at

My own experience with Corsican wines is comprised of my one sailing trip there in 2001, a seminar last year at the Society of Wine Educators Conference on L’Ile de la Beauté and some wines in NYC.

What I have tasted has been fantastic be it their vermentino or their sangiovese which they call Nielluccio. I have found them to be filled with mineral notes and lots of herbs and grassy hints known as the maquis. I look forward to reading others impressions of these wines.




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