Monday Musings: White Wines for Winter

As the year rolls on, everyone always talks about big reds as the winter approaches or sparkling wines. I like winter whites as an evergreen theme as well.Not only because I work with many white wine clients but because I like to pair white wines with a huge variety of foods. I will drink red wine with fish and full bodied whites with meat. I am so pleased to see that many others agree. At last night’s soiree at a Greek restaurant, I drank white wine throughout the dinner although both fish and meats were served.

I definitely think white wines are for all year now and I know many people agree with me. I didn’t always feel this way but my Mom loves white wine and in order to find our compromise I began drinking a lot more white wine. I have to say I am impressed by the amazing breadth and depth of white wines available and how much better they are every year.

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