Quinta de Santa Eufemia – A Special Visit in the Douro Valley Part 2


At Quinta de Santa Eufemia we were served an incredible homemade lunch. We sat outside overlooking the vineyards. It was delicious, perhaps my favorite of the many long and lovely meals we had in Portugal.


One funny moment came when my friend, Tony Lawrence
arrived. He came the second day of the trip and I met him for the first time at that specific lunch. As a chef, Tony knew a good meal when he saw one. Calmly eating his lunch, a hoard of bees decided to join him. He was so calm, cool and collected during the bee onslaught that I thought this is a man I need to know.


I have since seen Tony on numerous occasions but will never forget our first meeting at that amazing lunch. Tomorrow I will write about the wines and the fascinating winemaker. A truly memorable winery, it is one I keep coming back to when thinking about my travels in the Douro Valley.

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