Quinta de Santa Eufemia – A Special Visit in the Douro Valley Part 2

At Quinta de Santa Eufemia we were served an incredible homemade lunch. We sat outside overlooking the vineyards. It was delicious, perhaps my favorite of the many long and lovely meals we had in Portugal. One funny moment came when my friend, Tony Lawrence arrived. He came the second day of the trip and I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sippers: St Amant Tawny Port from Lodi, CA

I had never heard of Lodi, CA before I went to a Society of Wine Educators conference some years ago in California. Or at least I wasn't aware of it. Infact, I'm pretty sure my first home winemaking exploit was done with grapes that also came from Lodi. In any event, I discovered Lodi at... Continue Reading →

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