Italian Indigenous Varieties: Molinara Nera from the Veneto

This week’s variety is from the Veneto and can be used in Bardolino DOC, Garda Orientale DOC, Valadige-Schiava and of course, Valpolicella. It is rarely seen vinified in purezza or as a mono-varietal wine. Usually blended with other Veneto varieties such as Corvina and Rondinella, among others. Molinara comes from the name mulina or mill. At times it can be covered in a powdery due, reminiscent of that which can be found in a flour mill.

Ms Jane Nickles aka the bubbly professor has a nice description of Valpolicella here which I think covers most of what is essential.

Here is another authoritative voice on Valpolicella, As the weather gets colder, Valpolicella wines seem a perfect pairing, especially for the Thanksgiving feast.

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