Voglio Sciacquare i panni nell’Arno – I miss Florence


Quanto mi manca Firenze….Today I went to see the Andrea del Sarto show at the Frick Museum in New York. He is one of my favorite artists and staring at his paintings it hit me how much I miss living in Florence and seeing that beautiful city every day, its churches with paintings, sculpture and affrescos.I loved living there and my son is named for a very famous Florentine too. Voglio sciacquare i panni nell’Arno is a “modo da dire” that comes from Alessandro Manzioni who also said that true Italian is that which is spoken by cultured Florentines. I am sure the Senesi beg to differ but I’ll take it. I learned Italian from a Florentine in Florence and it has stood me in good stead.

Palazzo Strozzi

When I lived there we drank lots of Chianti but we also drank Morellino constantly. As I mentioned recently on this blog, I don’t write about regions or wines I represent and I have worked with Morellino di Scansano for five years so here is a blog by Doug Paulding who visited recently.

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