Happy Fourth of July – This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

Happy Fourth of July. Today is of course, a day to drink American wine and celebrate our country. We started the day with a favorite song, “This Land Is Your Land.”

Love the Wine Your With

Love the wine your with…is a pretty good motto for July 4th when you may be at a barbecue with less than stellar wines. I saw this sign in a shop in California when I was there recently. The store had a trove of interesting objects but more importantly, a nice tasting menu and a really smart and helpful bartender. The store is called Bacchus & Venus Wines.

I had just finished a wine exam and wanted to test my blind tasting skills so she helped with a number of wines. Here was the small line up. I was relatively close on almost all the wines but the Charbono from Tofanelli tripped me up although I have had that wine before. I found this grape enticing and was excited by its fruity notes of plum, black cherry, and blueberry together with nuanced wood, tobacco and cedar. The wine was complex and well integrated with a long persistent finish. The Tofanelli family has been farming their property since 1929. They use no irrigation, practice organic farming, and do not use trellising systems.


Whatever wine you are drinking today, I hope it is a wonderful one and that you are with the ones you love.

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