Happy Bastille Day: Remembering A Toast With Pierre Peters

I missed posting yesterday but if I post twice today, that counts as posting everyday I think. Many a Bastille day celebration over the years and a fantastic one when I was young in Paris at the Hilton looking out at the fireworks. Very exciting. This year I will be in New York, toasting perhaps with a Cremant.



I have been fortunate enough to celebrate La Fête Nationale Francaise – Le Quatorze Juillet, a holiday marking the anniversary of the fall on July 14, 1789 of the Bastille, in Paris on a number of occasions. As readers of this blog know, I was a Francophile in my early life and majored in French in college. My father has always been somewhat obsessed with France and the lifestyle and food so it is a natural for me to think of today as a celebration.

Pierre Peters

This year I am having a quiet holiday but last year was a real kick as I toasted with a marvelous champagne called Pierre Peters on a mountain top at 1,778 meters in Cortina, Italy as part of VinoVip 2013.


Charlie and I were both part of that lovely event. It was the first time I attended this incredible event or visited Cortina and…

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