Italian Indigenous Varieties: Grillo Bianco

Although Grillo bianco is thought to have originated in Puglia, it is most widely known for its wines made in Sicily, specifically in the Marsala and Trapani areas. Grillo is a white grape with citrus notes that is used in the production of Marsala and Vermouth as well as in dry white wines, among others. ... Continue Reading →

Happy Bastille Day: Remembering A Toast With Pierre Peters

I missed posting yesterday but if I post twice today, that counts as posting everyday I think. Many a Bastille day celebration over the years and a fantastic one when I was young in Paris at the Hilton looking out at the fireworks. Very exciting. This year I will be in New York, toasting perhaps with a Cremant.



I have been fortunate enough to celebrate La Fête Nationale Francaise – Le Quatorze Juillet, a holiday marking the anniversary of the fall on July 14, 1789 of the Bastille, in Paris on a number of occasions. As readers of this blog know, I was a Francophile in my early life and majored in French in college. My father has always been somewhat obsessed with France and the lifestyle and food so it is a natural for me to think of today as a celebration.

Pierre Peters

This year I am having a quiet holiday but last year was a real kick as I toasted with a marvelous champagne called Pierre Peters on a mountain top at 1,778 meters in Cortina, Italy as part of VinoVip 2013.


Charlie and I were both part of that lovely event. It was the first time I attended this incredible event or visited Cortina and…

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