Wine of the Week: Muscat De Limnos (Greece)

With everything going on in Greece today, the country is very much on my mind. I thought I would repost this article that I wrote with these beautiful photos.


While the weather outside is frightening, I’m remembering with joy a sailing trip I took to Greece and Turkey in 2004. Hard to believe almost 10 years have past since that unforgettable trip. These photos are from a more recent trip to Greece but the locations are the same.

Greece 2

If you have never been and like to sail, I can recommend nothing better than a trip on a sailboat to these islands. I went with a friends sailing company in Italy, Sailor Company.

Greece 4

As this is a wine blog, I will get back to the wine but do think about sailing again in Greece someday. On my trip, we visited Limnos (also spelled Lemnos), among other islands in the Aegean Sea. These islands are known as the Dodecanese or twelve islands even though there are many more islands in the group. We also visited Rhodes, Symi, and Kastellorizo, an…

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