Saturday Surprise: Anselmet Chardonnay (Eleve en Fut de Chene) 2012 from Valle d’Aosta


I know it is 1030 a.m. on Saturday morning but it’s a beautiful day outside and I am remembering with pleasure a wine I had last month at OperaWine. I would love a glass at lunch but alas, it is not available in my neighborhood and Valle d’Aosta is a far jaunt for this particular Saturday.

This Chardonnay aged in French oak was a real surprise for me but apparently I am late to the game and the winery is among the most well-known from this small, mountainous region of Italy. Maison Anselmet

The winery was started in 1978 by Renato Anselmet and today is run by his son Giorgio. They work with consulting oenologist Beppe Caviola.

The wine itself was a beautiful example of Chardonnay aged in wood. Classic, not overblown, I hope to have this wine again soon. The larger format was also spectacular and as we know, wine is almost always better in a magnum.

If you haven’t visited the Valle d’Aosta, try to go there at least once in your life whether for the wines, the skiing, the castles, the hiking or the food. I love this part of Italy and its’ beautiful sky, mountains and fresh air. Driving in that region at night on the way back to Milan was always magical, dark with hundreds of stars. Something I have seen only in Colorado in the US and Chile in South America. I always felt closer to the sky and the universe on nights like that.

For more information about Anselmet, check out this post Wine90.

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