White wines from Valle d’Aosta Hit High Notes

Italy is an incredibly beautiful country, with 20 regions, many which have Alpine wines thanks to the presence of two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennine Mountains which run 1000 km from North to South through the peninsula. Today, I am looking to the smallest region in the North, the Valle d’Aosta. The tag... Continue Reading →

Saturday Surprise: Anselmet Chardonnay (Eleve en Fut de Chene) 2012 from Valle d’Aosta

I know it is 1030 a.m. on Saturday morning but it's a beautiful day outside and I am remembering with pleasure a wine I had last month at OperaWine. I would love a glass at lunch but alas, it is not available in my neighborhood and Valle d'Aosta is a far jaunt for this particular... Continue Reading →

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