Vinitaly 2013: Thoughts on Le Donne del Vino 25th Anniversary Tasting

As I wait in the press room to try to get into the Vinitaly today, I am struck by how much the fair has evolved over the years. Probably the biggest difference in the 9 years that I have been coming to Vinitaly is in the number of foreigners that attend from China, Russia, Brazil and other countries as well as the number of women winemakers, producers, sales people, sommeliers and participants.

This last trend is probably the one that excites me the most. It is great to see such a large number of women producers, in all 20 regions. I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful guided tasting yesterday by Alessandro Torcoli of Civilta del Bere, one of the first wine magazines in Italy. The tasting was a celebration of the first 25 years of the association, Le Donne del Vino.

I was thrilled to participate as I have been following developments in the group since I seriously started studying Italian wine in 1997. The tasting in itself will be the subject of a different post. We tasted 10 wines from 1988 from wonderful wineries run by exciting women.

Tastings such as this one remind me of why I love this industry and how exciting I still find it everyday.


  1. Vinitaly sounds like a wonderful time. My wife and I would love to attend one day. My wife and I developed very unique wine chillers in Montana under the name and we both agree it is great to hear that women are making a rise as producers. Thanks for this fantastic update!

  2. Hey Sussanah,
    Since I’m not there at Vinitaly I’ll be following your thoughts. I wrote an article about female Italian wine producers last year. It is indeed very interesting how woman have seemed to break through more in that sector than many others.

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