Vinitaly 2013: Press Conferences, Tastings, Blogger Area, Vivit

On day 3 of the fair I finally got to the new blogger area at Vinitaly. I was alone in the room which shows me that people are either writing on the go or not aware of the room in the Palaexpo building. I’m happy for a little time on my own from this crazy world of people,wines and the like but even happier that as soon as I go down the hall, I will find a wealth of wines from Lombardy at my disposition. I like to start the day with bubbles and end with sweet wines.

For the second year in a row, Vinitaly has hosted Vivit, a group of producers who follow certain traditions and are interested in sustainablility, organic and other natural wine practices. The area was packed and somewhat segregated but sustainability is definitely a key word this year at the fair.

I also have noticed an increase in the number of press conferences and exciting tastings taking place, many more than in years past. Many are fascinating but You can’t do everything so I have only gone to one a day. No complaints but I do miss the extra day. Everyone else is happy with the shorter week though and the fair seems much busier to me.

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