Happy Easter Peeps & Moscato- Wine Blogging & Sites To Follow

Happy Easter to those celebrating today. I love Easter and was looking to buy Peeps this morning but could only find pink ones. I can’t abide pink food unless it is strawberry ice cream so no peeps for me.


What to pair with peeps and an Easter brunch? Moscato is actually the only wine that I think will work with this sugary Easter treat. Michele Chiarlo’s Nivole seems like a great fit with its delicate aromas and flavors as well as its price point at around $12.


Thanks to last week’s Snooth PVA tastings, I got to meet some of the bloggers behind the sites I have been following.

One such fellow is the Reverse Wine Snob. His impressive blog with its rating system, buying links and premise really got me thinking about positioning and marketing in our digital age. Mostly I found that we shared certain commonalities on the palate which is what this is all about at the end of the day and liked the same wines at the Ribera del Duero tasting I haven’t yet written about. He also is a huge fan of Italian wines, as we know, am I.

That said, his following is in a different league than mine as is his constancy in posting despite a full time job, wife and three kids. Needless to say, I am impressed. Kudos to you Reverse Wine Snob.

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