Wine of the Week: Serradenari Renoir Langhe Rosso IGT

My wine of the week is a gem that I discovered purely by chance upon meeting one of the owners of the winery, Serradenari.. I was introduced to Gabriella Spallino through a mutual friend and helped her with some translation work during meetings that she held here in New York City. Instead of payment, I asked for some bottles of wine.

She very kindly sent me samples from her winery in La Morra and this week, I tried the first of them. The wine is called Renoir and is made from the Pinot Nero grape. Interesting I thought when she told me about it but I reserved judgment. Renoir is one of my absolute favorite painters so I will admit that I was naturally predisposed to like this wine :).

I opened the bottle on Sunday and had it with some salmon that I made. It was a bit more acidic than I expected but very interesting nonetheless. Then on Monday, I tried the wine with some pork that I made. It was even better, rich and round I was truly hooked. I thought of the lovely blog,
2 Days per Bottle and thought I too should see the evolution of everything I have, if I have some left over.

Last night, I actually tried the wine for the third night in a row and miracle of miracles it was still perfect. I have to say that never happens when I open a bottle of wine. I rarely drink it the second night and never the third.

This beautiful wine is my choice for this week’s wine of the week. I also know the winemaker, Roberto Cipresso, a friend so that makes it an even sweeter experience. Roberto and Giovanni Negri, the owner of Serradenari have written many books on wine together including one I bought this past trip to Milan called Vinosofia.

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