Wine of the Week: Ferrari Brut Trento DOC

This Christmas, my family and I began the afternoon with a glass of one of my favorite Italian sparkling wines, Ferrari. This wine made in the traditional method (secondary fermentation in the bottle) is made from 100% Chardonnay. Ferrari is part of of Trento DOC. This denomination is specific to the area near Trento and to a particular vinification process.

The wine was wonderfully minerally with just the right amount of fruit and acidity. It paired very well with the hors d’oeuvres that my Mother usually prepares and suited me perfectly as we rung in another Christmas day.

Ferrari has always been my sparkler of choice and I drank it constantly when I lived in Italy. It was and remains my go-to-sparkling wine when I know I need a reliable one and don’t want to experiment. Apparently it is the official wine of the Quirinale, or the home of the Italian President. Additionally, Mario Draghi – a favorite of mine since my days as a financial reporter – drank it at his inauguration as the head of the European Central Bank. I see that I am in good company.

About six years ago I interviewed Camilla Lunelli from the Lunelli family for my still-not-yet finished book. I need to get back to that project, a new item on my ever growing list for 2012. I might need cases of Ferrari to get through all I want to do next year. Salute!


  1. Oh we were not as patient as you. Why wait? We started our Christmas morning with the “Breakfast of Champions”: whilst the wrapping on gifts was being shorn away, we surrendered to the tiny bubbles found in a bottle of Champagne that had been sitting in the cellar patiently waiting for its moment.

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