Italian Indigenous Varieties: Cagnulari Nero from Sardinia

This week’s indigenous variety is called Cagnulari Nero. Just like last week’s Caddiu Nero, it hails from Sardinia. Most likely this one came from Spain. According to a variety of sources, the grape may be linked to Monastrell, know to many as Mourvedre

Unlike last week’s varietal, this one is grown in the province of Sassari. It is never used as a mono-varietal or as a stand alone variety but is always used as a blending grape, often with the well-known Sardinia grape Cannonau.

I loved this YouTube video that I found when looking for further information of Cagnulari. Got to love his accent.

I carried around the Cherchi brochure for about four years after having come upon this winery at the Sardinian pavilion at Vinitaly in 2007. Here is another interesting post about the wine in Italian.

I found at least two other wineries that sell their Cagnulari wines in the United States. I am excited to try some the next time I find one. Perhaps next week on my trip….

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