Wine News: Cavalieri Del Lavoro – Francesco Arigolas

There is an Italian honor that many covet: being designated a “Cavalieri del Lavoro” for their work in their sector be it agriculture, commerce or industry. The organization was created in 1901 by Vittorio Emanuele III.

When I worked at an Italian company in Milan, I spent the better part of a year trying to get my boss to be nominated. It was one of his most desired goals. Each year, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano nominates 25 new members right before the annual “Festa della Repubblica,” June 2. This year, a fabulous wine producer Francesco Argiolas from Sardinia was nominated as one of the 25. Argiolas has brought fame and recognition to Sardinia as a whole as well as his family winery, of course.

Here is a Women in Wine post I did on Valentina Argiolas almost three years ago

I love the wines from this winery and found the people who own and run it engaging, kind and available. All great traits in my book. Auguri e tanto di cappello to Mr. Francesco Argiolas.

In other news, I receive Wine News everyday. It’s an Italian website that brings updates on Italian wines and other wine industry news. It is a great resource, check it out.

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