Passing of a Patriarch: Antonio Argiolas Dies At 102

I was looking through some websites earlier and came upon the news that wine maker and family patriarch, Antonio Argiolas from Sardinia has died at the age of 102. The Argiolas family is integrally linked to the history of Sardinian wine making. He will surely be missed but his life and achievements leave much to celebrate.

While Turriga is his most famous wine, I had the rare opportunity to try a wine made in his honor for his 100th birthday at Vinitaly 2008.

The wine called Antonio Argiolas is made in very small quantities and I don’t think this wine is imported but if you are in Italy, try to get some. It is made from Cannonau and Malvasia Nera which were left to dry on the vine before being harvested. It is wonderful and would be amazing with chocolate. It was rich and deeply satisfying.

Many of the Argiolas wines are available in the United States however. To see which wines are imported, go to Winebow , their importer.

I have met a number of members of the Argiolas family and interviewed Valentina Argiolas in 2005 and in 2008. She and the whole family were warm and welcoming.

My thoughts are with them.

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