Upcoming Italian Wine Events, Friend Receipe Tuesday

I’m looking forward to two upcoming Italian wine events: Luca Maroni is coming to town with SensofWine organized by Altacucina Society on February 20 at Cipriani. There is a trade tasting and a tasting for the larger public. The Italian Food and Wine Institute is holding a super event entitled Fashion, Wine, Gastronomy and Art for a 2009 Sparkling Gala Italia on February 19.

Both promise to be interesting events, each with a specific focus and I believe completely different wine producers. I may have to tread lightly for the next two weeks in order to gear up…

A while back I had started putting receipes on my site. Each receipe was given to me by a dear friend before I left Italy in 2005.

I have decided to revive the tradition with some light fare.

This receipe is from my dear friend Teresa De Paolis. I was a witness at her wedding in June and wrote about the event and her town, Zagarolo, on this blog.


This receipe seems perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Riso venere

Ingredients for two people

1 onion
1 clove of garlic
Ginger (optional)
a dash of Cumin (optional

Riso venere (black or violet colored rice.)
Artichokes (four)



Saute’ the onion and garlic in oil. Add artichokes which have been cut into sections and cover with water (according to Teresa’s Mom, Simona, this should help the artichokes to simmer). In another pot, begin to boil the rice. The rice should be added to the artichokes when it is still al dente. Finish cooking and serve. Voila’.

Two comments: Mamma Simona looks like Sofia Loren and cooks like Julia Child (great combination) so I religiously follow her instructions.

Pairing wine with artichokes is always difficult. I would probably choose a light white wine to offset the cumin and black rice without overwhelming the delicate flavors of the artichokes.

I think I might go with an Arneis from Piedmont or perhaps a splendid Pinot Grigio from Friuli.

Black Rice is a traditional dish from Asia. Teresa has traveled extensively all over the world. She and her husband, Filippo, always have something special on their table. The rice in the receipe is Gallo Riso Venere. A quick google search showed no outlets for that rice here in the USA but Markys – a food importer in Florida had a similar product. If not inclined to order that rice, any black or violet rice will do the trick I imagine.


  1. another great post: I’m so glad that someone is finally doing posts on great Italian wine events in NYC! please keep up the good work! 🙂

    Looking forward to more recipes too! Have you ever checked out Briciole, Simona’s blog?

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