Howard Zinn’s Documentary: The People Speak

Once in a while, I like to write about things that are important to me other than wine. I had the privilege of seeing a documentary at the MOMA yesterday that really resonated with me. It is based on Howard Zinn’s seminal work “A People’s History of the United States.” It was educational, moving and left me feeling indignant about many things, mostly injustice in America. To learn more, go to Howard Zinn‘s website. He, like Pete Seeger, is a national treasure I believe. The documentary kicked off a film series which promises to be interesting. Films by Angela Ricchi Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian have piqued my interest.

On a somewhat related note, does anyone know of wineries or winemakers and/or wine bloggers involved in philanthropy. It would be great if we could get together and do something…I’m thinking of a variety of things and would like others thoughts.

I just found bloggersaid at gmail dot com on a great blog called briciole. Bloggers aid provides many ideas for those who want to alleviate hunger. It is a organized by a group of food bloggers. Wine bloggers can perhaps join as well as we often write about food. Or we can create something related. I just joined bloggers aid as I just started a food blog…Onward. Still interested in ideas though. Thanks.

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