Vino 2009- Tuscany, Lombardy, Calabria, Veneto, Abruzzo

I have been absent from this blog for many weeks now for a variety of reasons including an extended vacation in Chile and a week stay in the hospital. The two events are totally unrelated but have conspired to keep me away from my blog. I made my re-entry into the NYC wine world at two Italian wine events these past two days, Benvenuto Brunello 2009 and the Vino 2009 Grand Tasting held by the Italian Trade Commission. It seems a fitting way to start writing on my blog again. The events were part of a week long program billed as the “First Industry Convention of Italian Wine in America.”


Seminars at the Boston Wine Expo kicked off the week, followed by three days of tastings and seminars in New York and a day-long program in Miami. With the current New York weather, I am sure producers and participants will be happy to be in Miami Friday. There were more than 270 wine producers and 1300 labels at the event. For anyone who didn’t make it to the tasting today, a number of stores and restaurants are celebrating Italian wine week through Feb. 1. Check out the events at I tried a number of interesting wines, saw many old friends and made some new ones and I finally got to meet some of my heroes from the blogosphere such as the Italian wine guy. All in all I thought the events were a success. I’d like to see more Italian events sponsored by each of Italy’s regions but perhaps on a smaller scale, similar to the super whites tastings that are held in Milan with only white wines from Alto Adige, for example. As always, the scope of Italian wines and varieties can overwhelm. While in Chile I thought perhaps I had found a country that might rival my affection for Italy but after a renewed full immersion in my adopted country, I have returned to the fold, renewed and ready for a trip to il bel paese….


  1. Caro Susannah:
    it was a good trip back east, glad we sat together at lunch.
    some interesting (thought-provoking and future story material) seminars and of course too many wines to taste..
    talked at length with AC and enjoyed that, thanks for the intro..
    maybe VinItaly??

    Dave B.

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