Holiday Season, An Occasion For Song, Dance, Wine and Friends

I have been absent very often from this blog and fear that the next few weeks will be much of the same as I travel around Chile, reading books by Bruce Chatwin and Isabel Allende, drinking Cabernet and other great Chilean wines. I'm super excited for the trip. I have tried numerous wines over the... Continue Reading →


Pearl Harbor, Snug Harbor, Three Park Dems

Today as we all know is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Ever mindful of historical significance, our President-elect nominated his choice for Secretary of Veterans Affairs today. Watching the press conference, I was moved thinking how far we had all come from that fateful day. My great uncle Murray was one of the few survivors... Continue Reading →

Milano – Sant’Ambroeus

One of the parts of Italian life I miss most is the concept of "ponti" or long weekends where you go on a "gita fuori porta" meaning you take a brief but exciting trip to another city or country. At the beginning of the year, everyone begins counting how many long "ponti" there are in... Continue Reading →

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