Local Wine Bar Buceo 95 Ups Its Spanish Offering

I am always looking for a new wine bar, a new wine, a new experience but sometimes, I like to go back to places as well. This was my fifth time at Buceo 95, a wine and tapas bar located on 95th street between Amsterdam and Broadway in New York City. I have been to Buceo in all seasons and must say on a cold winter’s night, it was a warm refuge. The new sommelier is very nice and knowledgeable. He let us do a blind tasting of three wines and then had us choose which one we wanted. I, like most wine geeks, was too focused on whether I could pick the grape variety (I couldn’t) rather than just thinking about the pleasureable tasting experience. I wanted to use my new skills as a Certified Spanish Wine Educator. I definitely need to go on an extended trip to Spain and do more research.


I tried a number of wines which I enjoyed but the one that stood out was a 2007 Can Blau from Montsant made with carinena, syrah, and garnacha. Can Blau is the joint effort of Jorge Ordóñez and Ángel Gil of Bodegas Juan Gil. Montsant became a Denominacion de Origen (DO) in autumn 2001. It looks very beautiful with hills and olive groves. The area forms a horseshoe shape around the better known area of Priorato.
The area is garnering considerable attention. This Montsant wine was deep in color, full bodied with spicy notes from the syrah and black fruit. It also had a velvety mouthfeel and a long, persistent finish. A delicious find. It went perfectly with my skirt steak, also another good choice. Buceo 95 is definitely moving in a good direction with Pedro Ximenez and many sherries on the menu as well. I am excited for my next visit.

On another note, 95th Street made the news today as part of a story about the magic of the holiday season. Check out this New York Times piece.


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  1. This is one of my favorite Montsant. Did you take the Certified Spanish Wine Educator course in Spain?


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