Biden/Harris Inauguration Celebration With Val D’Oca

Val D’Oca

I have been celebrating with bottles of Val D’Oca sparkling wines for the past couple of days. Last night I opened a couple of bottles of the Extra Dry. Today, reading about the first 10 Executive Orders and seeing Dr. Fauci freely speak about the Covid-19 pandemic was such a relief that we finished a second bottle with dinner. Luckily, the wines are very nicely priced at less than $15 SRP. I bought a case of the wine at the start of the year thinking it’s always good to have Prosecco on hand. In the past I would have thought that Extra Dry would be too sweet for me but it’s actually perfect alone or with so many foods that I like to eat such as Broiled Salmon or Pasta, Cheese or nuts. It does have 14g/l of sugar so it is also nice with both sweet and savory foods. I also learned a few years ago that Extra Dry is the traditional version of Prosecco. Val D’Oca has a number of wines in the US market and you can find them at and learn more about this winery and their commitment to sustainability and their first sustainable budget. This is a great time to have Prosecco in the house, it always is, but it seems even more appropriate now when there is so much to celebrate right now.

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