Heart Goes Out To All Australians, Their Animals & Their Wine Industry

With so much going on in the wine world in the US with impending tariffs, politically with impeachment and possible war with Iran, I haven’t been keeping as up to date as I should have about Australia’s fires. Today I read many articles about what is happening and it is heartbreaking on so many levels – people who lost their lives, their homes, the wine industry devastation, almost half a billion animals that died and the agricultural lands and forests that have been destroyed on a massive scale. It’s breathtaking and scary to read about and see. Climate change and other reasons are part of the destruction.

I visited Australia 20 years ago starting in Adelaide and on Kangaroo Island. It was such a beautiful area and I wanted to move to Australia at the time. Here is an article by the Wine Enthusiast with up-to-date information about what is happening. 

In the article, they give some ideas of how to help in terms of donating money. We can all also support the industry by buying their wines.

I wrote about the above wine two years ago and seeing Stephen Henschke comment about the impact on his vineyards made me very sad. He was incredibly lovely and humble and his wine was a revelation. Here is my post about this amazing wine. I hope tomorrow will bring better news on all fronts.

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