Wine Wednesday: Moscato from I Due Gatti

Today’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Moscato from I Due Gatti. Where is that winery located you might ask and who is the winemaker behind that wine. That would be me. That’s my wine, made with grapes I bought in New Jersey at Corrado’s – the temple of home winemaking grapes and equipment – but that were grown in Lodi.

I Due Gatti is the name of my winery or better my winemaking endeavors. I was going to call it Susannah’s Selections but I opted for this name. Susannah’s Selections will have to wait until I import wine or open a wine shop. As a cat lover, I thought it fit.  These two handsome tabbies that are on my label live in the home where I make my wine so it seemed fitting.

I made this Moscato last year and it has no added sulfites. I have say, it’s the best wine I have ever made. Perfumy and vibrant, it pairs well with fish as well as meat or even grilled vegetables. I pleased as punch that it is both quaffable and still kicking two years in.

That wine was my third vintage. Each vintage I learn a little bit more. It is also really interesting how many people make wine. I discovered that the father of my son’s classmate makes wine and that my cleaning lady and her husband will start making wine next year. It’s amazing how much wine brings people closer and how much we all have in common at the end of the day. It makes the world seem like a smaller and warmer place.



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