5 Keys to Blog Traffic


Today’s post is about the keys to driving traffic to your blog. While I have 5 ideas which I will share, I am not at all sure I’m on the right track so I’m going to ask some of my favorite bloggers and see what they have to say. That will be a follow up post.

My top five are:

1. Frequent and consistent postings

2. Comment on other’s posts and blogs and create links and pingbacks

3. Develop mini-series or topics

4. Great photography

5. Have a point of view and a tone

While I think I have all of that, I know I fall down on point number 2. This year I am hoping to change that and everyday to mention one blogger. Today’s person is Jennifer Gentile Martin who pens Vino Travels Italy. She is an inspiration to me for many reasons, including her weekend blogging group that I participate in called #ItalianFWT. Hopefully she will be the first of many to respond to my quest, what are the key drivers to your blog.




  1. Excellent key points. I would add SEO to your content management keys. I spend as much time optimizing for keywords and requesting backlinks etc and promoting my wine blog on social media as I do writing content. Ranking on Google searches first page for a keyword really does drive traffic.

  2. Wow Susannah. I’m honored. I couldn’t agree more that consistent blogging is important. Writing great content in a compelling nature with great photography is another great one. Networking and social sharing is definitely key. Although with our boys and full time jobs that’s a difficult journey.

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