Italian Indigenous Varieties: Moscato di Terracina from Lazio

Today’s Moscato grape hails from Terracina in Lazio. This grape variety was used in the past mostly for vinification purposed but today is often consumed as a table grape. I found a couple of producers making wines using this grape variety including the Cantina Santandrea. The wine can be made into a number of different styles: still semi-sweet, frizzante, spumante, dolce and passito. They also produce a grappa from this versatile variety. The wine has been a DOC since 2007.

The plant and trellis their vines much higher off the ground then many wineries I have visited. The soils are red clay in their vineyards in Terracina. This area is called the Ulysses Riviera. The production area consists of the comunes of Terracina, Sonnino and Monte S. Biagio.

Another winery that makes a Moscato di Terracina, in the sweet version is Villa Gianna.

I found a fun blog from Lazio called The Palladian Traveler with great photos of the Cantina Santandrea wines. I’m thinking that the next time I am in Lazio, I will try to get one of these wines.

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