Italian Aperitif : Crodino From Campari


I am so looking forward to having a Crodino later this week while in Italy. Crodino is a trademark brand owned by the Campari Group since the mid-1990s but it is often used as a generic term for an “analcolico” or a drink without alcohol. Crodino is named for the town of Crodo in Piedmont where it has been produced and bottled since 1964.

The Campari Group was founded in 1860 and today is the sixth-largest player in the spirits industry. This slightly bitter orange-yellow drink is perhaps the most widely ordered analcolico in the world. Italians have it at every time of the day, generally with chips. I’m going to the amazing Anteprime or the presentation of the new vintages in Tuscany later this week but as a break from all the tasting, a Crodino will be a refreshing change of pace.


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