Wine Wednesday: Wines from the Valtellina Area in Lombardy (#ItalianFWT Preview for February 3rd Chat)

Italian Food, Wine and Travel Travels to the Valtellina region in Lombardy this weekend. This Saturday February 3nd you’ll get a sampling of what our Italian bloggers group has to offer and here is a preview below. Make sure to also join our live Twitter chat at 11am ET on #ItalianFWT.

Valtellina is a physically beautiful area in Lombardy where Chiavennasca, their name for Nebbiolo reigns supreme. The landscape is extraordinary and most of the viticulture which takes place is known as “heroic” viticulture because it is so hard to do and is all done by hand. The area is known for its dry stone wall terracing and they have applied for Unesco World Heritage Site Status.

Zonazione Valtellina

There are some interesting sub-zones which some of our bloggers may discuss among them Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella and Maroggia. The wines can be denominated, Superiore DOCG ages if they age for 24 months or longer in the cellar or Riserva DOCG if they age for 36 months or longer. There is also a Rosso di Valtellina DOC category. Some of our bloggers may discuss, Sfursàt, the name in local dialect for the wines that are made using dried grapes.

I’m really looking forward to reading what everyone has to say about this region which I first visited 20 years ago. So much has changed and so much has remained the same.

Please join us on Saturday, February 3rd,  for the Twitter chat and use the #ItalianFWT to find and get involved in the discussion.

Camilla M. Mann will be dishing on “Sassella and Short Ribs” on Culinary Adventure with Cam

Katarina Andersson will share Valtellina – Winemaking in a Mountain Landscape” on Grapevine Adventures

Martin Redmond writes  “A Taste of Valtellina: 2014 ArPePe Rosso Superiore Paired With Wild Mushroom Ragout over Creamy Polenta” on Enoflyz Wine Blog

Jennifer Gentile Martin adds “The Valtellina: Home of Chiavennasca” on Vino Travels

Jeff Burrows shares “Double Secret Winery: Giorgio Gianatti in Valtellina” on Foodwineclick

Wendy Klik brings “Celebrating Love: Pork Filet Mignon with Valtallina Wine” to life on A Day In the Life on the Farm

Li Valentine shares “A Taste of Valtellina with Nino Negri and Carpaccio” on The Wining Hour

and I’ll be “Exploring the wines of Mamete Prevostini in the Valtellina” here at Avvinare.


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