Parma NYC – Here We Come

I’m really excited to visit one of my family haunts this evening for dinner. It’s my Dad’s birthday and he loves this restaurant. The restaurant in question is Parma. It opened in 1977 and I think my family has been eating there ever since then.

I haven’t been in nine years and am looking forward to seeing who is still working there. At some point, the family restaurant became the Atlantic Grill, also on the East side of New York. Anywhere I have lived, vacationed or stayed in for longer than a weekend has me looking for what might be my neighborhood place. Parma held that function for my family for over 25 years. It’s a place I visited with all members of my family, Grandparents included and that reminds me of old New York, at least my old New York.

While there are many other places to try, I am happy to be going somewhere that feels like home and that has been the scene of family meals for many years, especially to be celebrating my Dad.

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