Wine Wednesday: Chasselas from  Clos de Chillon

This week’s indigenous variety is Swiss not Italian- Chasselas from the Clos de Chillon. I just visited the amazing Chateau of Chillon which I last saw when I was 3, the age of my son. I remember so we parts of the castle from childhood  or at least I think do. It’s never clear what are authentic memories and which are the result of years of photographs. Chillon is amazing an magical, which is how I remember it.  No recollection of wines at that time, obviously I was a toddler but I also think they have brought this to life more recently than my last visit. I found the wine mor interesting that the previous chasselas wines I have tried, more nuanced and textured. I think it rested on its less a bit or had at least some battonage. I also found it interesting that the wine was under screwcap. The wine is a White AOC Vaud wine (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée). I also learned that forty barrels have been placed in the first area of the underground cellars. These cellars were also the last home Bonivard, the protagonist of Lord Byron’s famous poem, was chained up. The wine was made by Henri Badoux S.A of Aigle where they just held a fete for chasselas. The wine sadly is only available at their gift shop.  The castle is first mentioned in 1150 and was already under the counts of Savoy. The Counts grew ever more influential and in the 13th century controlled almost all of French speaking Switzerland.

The castle ended up in the hands of the Bernese in 1500s and they ruled until almost 1800 when the canton of Vaud took it over. 

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