Swiss Wine Regions: Vaud

Vaud is an amazingly beautiful part of Switzerland with beautiful terraced vineyards that come right down to the Lac Leman as it is known in French. Although I have spent time here in the past, I feel as though I am really seeing it for the first time, The lake itself is incredible and huge. So much so that at certain times it really feels and smells like the sea. Vineyards are all around the towns between Vevey and Montreux with Aigle and Lavaux being an important  center. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the vineyards but have seen them from the train and have tasted many local wines from the supermarket.  

I was also surprised just how many Swiss wines there are in the shops, Chasselas is a big draw here as is Pinot noir. Many of the supermarket wines are under screwcap which is also a surprise. Also many companies such as the railroad and the boats have private label wines made for them. It’s interesting to see how many half bottles are on sale as well. Supermarket wines are much more expensive than those you find in Italy. It did seem as though there is a big marketing push behind these wines now,


Mob Pinot Noir Rose

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