Wine Wednesday: Pinot Noir from Giesen Brothers in New Zealand


This wine Wednesday is dedicated to a wine from New Zealand from the Giesen Brothers. A friend brought it over for diner a few weeks ago. It paired perfectly with the Peruvian spiced chicken we were eating and I found all the earthy, mushroom notes that I would look for in a Pinot Noir. While clearly from the new world, it also had some hints of an old world pinot noir from a cool climate. It was less jammy than those I find from California and had an elegance that I appreciated it. Upon reading their website, I discovered that is was made by three brothers who hailed from Germany, Theo, Alex and Marcel Giesen. Today they operate throughout the Marlborough region. The wine retails for around $22 a bottle. To find a store near you, click here. New Zealand is a country that I still have not explored. Perhaps a visit is in the cards in the future. I certainly hope so.

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