Happy Mardi Gras: New Orleans on My Mind

This sandwich is famous in New Orleans, the Muffaletta. This is one of the lovely things I think about when I go to New Orleans. That together with great coffee, beignets, river boats, beads and of course, Mardi Gras. I've been to New Orleans four times. Each time I have had a unique experience. Very... Continue Reading →


Wines of Lombardy: Valcalepio – Bergamo

This summer I will be hosting a seminar on the Wines of Lombardy at the Society of Wine Educators conference in Portland, Oregon. I’m very excited to speak about this region that is so close to my heart after having spent 10 years there. I think people will be surprised by many of the varieties that they taste. I certainly hope so.


Baptistery Bergamo Alta

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to be writing about wines from Lombardy all week. One friend was perplexed that I said I didn’t know the wines of Lombardy that well. What I meant and was perhaps misunderstood is that I don’t know all of the wines of Lombardy as well as I might like to, although some I know quite well and have worked with in the past, visited the regions or am currently working with as we speak.


Today I want to mention an area of Lombardy that I love, Bergamo and its wines from the Valcalepio, still quite unknown in the US but also in many parts of Italy. The Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio was founded in 1977 by 22 members. Today, the consortium has 85 members, or about 98% of the producers of Valcalepio. The area is in the province of Bergamo and has two main…

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