7 Key Tips For Press Trips


LiguriaAs I send out invitations to numerous people to attend some events in New York City, I am amazed at the array of press trips that people are invited to attend. Every other person I contacted is away in a beautiful country attending a press trip. No complaints from me though, I just got back from the gorgeous Douro Valley, on exactly that, a fantastic press trip.

My top 6 takeaways from press trips that I have been on and that I have planned:

1. Make sure the trip is not too big 5-6 is big enough in my book.

2. Try to schedule down time for participants when they can go back to the room, change, relax and work if need be

3. Make sure to have a translator on hand so that everyone understands what people are saying. Sometimes one guest speaks a language that the others do not and monopolizes the time which can be, I have heard, very annoying.

4. Try to schedule cultural outings as part of the trip. If there is a classic tourist site to see, bring people to it.

5. Remember to bring spit cups with you in case people are in a winery and the winery doesn’t have a spit cup.

6. Wi-fi often doesn’t work far out in the country where many wineries are. See if you can mitigate that in some way, maybe by having it in the van through GPS.

7. If you want people to write/tweet/fb/instagram, you need to give people hashtags, information and accounts to tweet with as well as time to do that.

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