Wine of the Week: Rosso Ansj’ from 460 Cascina Bric


I tried this wine from 460 Cascina Bric earlier this year. I remember it being full bodied, juicy and elegant. I also remember distinctly the bottle it came in. A small stout bottle that is particular to this winery. I wondered at the time whether or not it would be welcomed on US shelves where bottles tend to be typical sizes rather than unique formats. I am sure it will find a home in places in the states, just like the one I mentioned yesterday but the bottle makes this a real hand sell wine. It is made by Gianluca Viberti. His family have been making wines from their Nebbiolo vines in Vergne, a hamlet of Barolo, since 1923. In 2010 Gianluca started his own estate called 460 Casina Bric, with ‘460’ referring to the altitude above sea level of the vines. Cascina Bric in Piemontese means the winery on the hill. The wine pictured is a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbara. Gianluca has 10 hectares on which he makes his wine from one of the highest vineyards in Barolo in the Langhe, on Bricco delle Viole. According to his website, the plot “date back to the Napoleonic era at the end of the 1700s, when it was home to a monastery.” Perhaps it was in fact the mountain fruit that made this wine supremely elegant. I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it on US shelves soon. It retails on a global level for $17 while the Barolo is more in the $60 category, both completely worth the cost.

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