Women in Wine: Lucia Barzano’ from Il Mosnel

I am reblogging this both because this week is Santa Lucia and because in December (all year really) I want to drink Franciacorta. What I can’t believe is that this was right after Newtown and here we are again with no changes to our laws, only those that make them more lax. This isn’t a political blog but one can’t be silent about this stuff or not take a stand.

Avvinare started as a blog about Italian women in wine, a subject that has fascinated me for many years. As always happens, you start in one area and end up writing about many other areas as well but my 2013 resolution is to make posts about women in wine one of the main series on this blog. I had decided that Friday’s would be the perfect day but the recent tragedy in Connecticut left me unable to write a post. It’s unimaginable what the families of all of the 27 victims are going through. I only hope that this will start a dialog that leads to some new legislation.

Today’s post is about a winery from Franciacorta, an area that I am very drawn to. The winery is Il Mosnel, that has been in the Barboglio family since 1836. Emanuela Barboglio, Lucia’s mother was the one to really focus…

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