American Wines for the Holiday

I love the Thanksgiving holiday as most Americans do. Of course, there is the traffic, the too much food and generations of family that all make it hard but that's also what makes it so great. I'm excited that we will be 40 people at our table(s) this year. While I know there will be... Continue Reading →

France In My Thoughts

During the same trip that I went on to Chambord, I also visited St Denis, the scene of today’s mayhem in France. It was a lovely and vibrant part of Paris and knowing what is going on there today, in a place where all French kings are buried, is very surreal. I can’t stop thinking about all of the families struck by tragedy over the last week. One nice thing about this week is the show of solidarity and support across races, continents and nations. I know many think that only Paris is on people’s minds but I a) don’t think that is true and b) believe that is more because people can relate to Paris and have had experiences there not because some attacks are more striking then others.



After today’s soccer defeat for the Azzurri, I think I will be rooting for France to win the World Cup and thus writing a lot about French wines this summer. All kidding aside, as readers of this blog know, I was a Francophile before Italy stole my heart years ago and still have a long and intense love affair with the country. Today is a big day in Florence, my adopted city, San Giovanni, so I am just going to put a link to an article I wrote years ago about the holiday.

Going back to the World Cup for a moment, I am scandalized by that bite from Suarez yet it doesn’t seem that Fifa is going to do anything about it. We’ll see. I think he should be banned from the World Cup and beyond. What kind of a message is that, bite your opponent? Don’t we…

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Milan On My Mind

Milan is on my mind today after a worrisome episode involving an orthodox Jewish man who was knifed on the street. Milan has never had an episode like this of random violence against Jews, at least not in the past 70 years. Yes damage and hate speech but not this. I lived in Milan for... Continue Reading →

Veterans Day- Thank You!

I meant to reblog this yesterday for Veterans Day. Again, caught unawares I found myself in the middle of the parade yesterday and it set me straight about our priorities and the sacrifice that so many make. You are not forgotten.


On my way to work today I noticed a large number of men and women in uniform. It took me a few minutes to remember that today is Veteran’s Day. I work near the start of the parade in New York and stood to watch for a bit. I hate war but boy I am proud of our veterans. It was very touching to see people, mostly men, of all strips, colors, ages and in all kinds of shape together.

I salut our veterans and their families. I can only begin to imagine what they go through. My family doesn’t have a long military tradition but all of my Mother’s cousins served in World War II. Her cousin Paul Brach used to tell us how he singlehandedly saved Picasso. Paul was a great artist and a wonderful storyteller.

My Father’s uncle Murray was also in World War II. In fact…

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