Milan On My Mind


Milan is on my mind today after a worrisome episode involving an orthodox Jewish man who was knifed on the street. Milan has never had an episode like this of random violence against Jews, at least not in the past 70 years. Yes damage and hate speech but not this. I lived in Milan for 10 years, a city I love where I have many friends and so many memories it’s hard to count them. I hate this news and hope that we will find out that it is someone who was mentally ill rather than what I suspect which is an act of racism. I also hate the comments I am reading linked to the news of the event. That said, we still don’t know what happened so it is early to jump to a conclusion. What we do know is that we all need to be aware of what is going on in our society. Yes, I know, this is a wine blog but I can’t not mention this fact in my adopted land. What I want to see is examples of solidarity and a show of support for the Jewish community in Milan which is obviously afraid and perplexed by this recent event.


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