American Wines for the Holiday

Generations - Charles Krug

I love the Thanksgiving holiday as most Americans do. Of course, there is the traffic, the too much food and generations of family that all make it hard but that’s also what makes it so great. I’m excited that we will be 40 people at our table(s) this year. While I know there will be a variety of wines at my cousin’s house. One wine that I like to think about for this holiday is this one that I bought on a visit to the winery with Peter Mondavi. Actually to be more precise, their PR maven gave it to me as a gift. I will always cherish that visit and think of the wine as the quintessential family wine – generations – although their family history is certainly complicated.

Peter Mondavi

At any given holiday, wines that will always be at my table include Franciacorta, Prosecco, Ferrari from Trento, and all the other wines that I love and know well from Italy. Nothing beats the acidity in Italian wine for pairing with food and there are so many to choose from. This year, I might also bring a Carmenere in honor of that grape’s birthday this month. Let’s see what the day brings. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all.

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