Further Musings On Wine Events: 6 Key Ideas


As the week rolls to a close and I have a bit of space from my last events, I am reflecting on a couple of ideas:

a) Always invite and confirm 1/3 more people than you expect to come. Even for lunch the trade doesn’t necessarily feel the need to show up.

b) Remember to always look out at the crowd. Inevitably someone will be hard of hearing and you need to make sure you are always speaking with your back to a wall rather than to people.

c) Introduce people at the various tables, don’t assume everyone knows each other at your events.

d) Make sure that you have wheelchair access to any event because you never know what needs may arise that you didn’t plan for and have a back up plan as well.

e) Make sure that wines labeled for one location actually show up to that location.

f) Have fun. We are in the wine business not curing diseases, whatever happens, it can be fixed.

Just a few words of advice from a seasoned traveler in the pitfalls of wine events. Always fun but always a new challenge.

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