Wine of the Week: Leeuwin Estate Riesling 2006

Leewin Reisling

Finally back from a wonderful trip to Italy over the last two weeks, I am trying to settle into the New York scene. I was helped along by the discovery of a wonderful wine thanks to Tracy Ellen Kamens – friend and wine colleague – and her husband Jared. The wine in question was the Leeuvin Estate Riesling from the 2006 vintage.

I had never heard of this winery from the Margaret River area in Western Australia. I am sorry it has taken me so long to find out about the winery which was created thanks to the help of Robert Mondavi in the mid-1970s. According to their website, the particular micro climate on an isolated stretch of land and the soils in the vineyard are to be credited with creating these beautiful wines. Just six kilometers from the ocean, the vineyards tend to be parasite-free and well-ventilated as well as having the coveted gravelly soil so many winemakers look for to produce age-worthy wines.

I think this winery has certainly succeeded in its quest to produce wines with longevity. The wine had beautiful, floral notes with stone fruit aromas and flavors. There was also a very strong note of petrol which you get in good quality riesling from gravelly regions. I had no idea that Western Australia produced such great riesling or that at least one producer does. I visited Australia back in 1999 but never made it to the western part of the continent. I am excited to have a further reason to visit the Western part of the country. I found the wine at a variety of stores throughout the country, with different vintages selling for around $18, well worth it in my book.

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