Spring Fridays: Massachusetts On My Mind

I’ve only been back from Italy for three days but it seems the world has tilted once again because of the horrific attack in Boston on Monday. I have been consumed by the news but have tried to carry on with daily life, like everyone else. Massachusetts is one of my three favorite states in our land. I know that the latest events will not change the state that I love. I look forward to my Summer sipping there this year which will invariably include, as always, at least one bottle from Truro Vineyards.

In other absurd news, Italy still does not have a government and can’t seem to pick a President. The news is quite discouraging and I am disheartened for all of my friends and colleagues whose lives are impacted by their politicians inadequacies. I’m not too happy with our government after the week’s shameful vote. While this is a wine blog and not a political one, I think we can’t ignore what goes on in the countries we love. Also, I am ill and my alcohol intake has been quite limited this past week:).

One comment

  1. what a terrible week it’s been. And all the while, our friends in Italy still find themselves in a bel pasticciaccio. Are the Truro folks the ones that make sparkling wines up there? thanks for this post, Susannah…

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