New Wine Bars In New York: Earl’s on Park Avenue/97th Street

Wine bars seem to be a dime a dozen these days but every once in a while, one pops up in a funky neighborhood.My friend Lynne Bernstein of Glasshalfull brought me to new one yesterday called Earl’s Beer and Cheese.

Neither the area nor the name were too auspicious but you never know so I thought why not. Lynne knows what I might like and we share many similar tastes in wine.

We ordered the Malvar. In the back of my mind I remembered both the nutty, waxy, lanolin taste of this grape as well as its fuller body but for the life of me, I couldn’t place it. I thought Hungary at first but lo and behold, I had already tasted this wine and liked it for the same creamy, nutty notes.

I wrote this piece on Spanish DOs back in 2010 when I tried my first Malvar from the Vinos de Madrid DO. Really a fun wine for a Sunday afternoon after a walk in the park. Highly recommend Malvar as a grape and Earl’s if you are in the neighborhood. It’s just further confirmation that you can never judge a book or a wine bar from the outside.

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  1. Although there are some dozens of wine bars we found in the city and every bar have some different features, in every new open wine lovers are found some delicious taste, so I think this bar would also brings a tasteful experience with great quality.

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