Wine of the Week: Adarmando (Trebbiano Spoletino) from Tabarrini Winery (Umbria)

This week's gem is one I found at the Vinitaly tasting in early February from the Tabarrini winery in Umbria. Most people associate Umbria with big red wines such as Sagrantino but this wine made from the Trebbiano Spoletino grape was a real eye opener for me. Tabarrini also makes Sagrantino but during Vinitaly I... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Canaiolo Nero

Avvinare has had a bit of a vacation as well as an enforced period of sick leave because of the flu but it's back and hopefully on track for December and 2013. This has been our worst month of traffic in about two years, proof that if you write, people will read it, providing you... Continue Reading →

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